Lianas, or woody vines, comprise just 32 species of the Pennslyvanian flora, a flora totaling some 3400 species. Despite their being rather small in terms of numbers of species, lianas comprise an ecologically important and conspicuous component of the flora. Some of these, such as Japanese honeysuckle or Oriental bittersweet, are invasive, nonnative weeds and have become naturalized. The links below direct you to mashup pages displaying global, national, and local distribution maps, as well as images for each species. Additionally, these pages provide links to additional information for each species at GenBank, Wikipedia, the USDA PLANTS database, and the PA Flora Project website.

Actinidia arguta (Bower actinidia, hardy kiwi, tara vine; Actinidiaceaae)
Akebia quinata (akebia five-leaf; Lardizabalaceae)
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (porcelain-berry; Vitaceae)
Aristolochia macrophylla (Dutchman's pipe; Aristolochiaceae)
Campsis radicans (trumpet vine; Bignoniaceae)
Celastrus orbiculatus (Oriental bittersweet; Celastraceae)
Celastrus scandens (American bittersweet; Celastraceae)
Euonymus fortunei (wintercreeper; Celastraceae)
Hedera helix (English ivy; Araliaceae)
Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle; Caprifoliaceae)
Lonicera sempervirens (trumpet honeysuckle; Caprifoliaceae)
Menispermum canadense (moonseed; Menispermaceae)
Parthenocissus quinquefolia sensu USDA PLANTS (includes P. inserta, Virginia creeper; Vitaceae)
Parthenocissus tricuspidata (Boston ivy; Vitaceae)
Pueraria lobata (kudzu; Fabaceae)
Rubus flagellaris sensu USDA PLANTS (includes R. enslenii, prickly dewberry; Rosaceae)
Rubus hispidus (swamp dewberry; Rosaceae)
Rubus recurvicaulis (dewberry; Rosaceae)
Smilax glauca (cat greenbrier; Smilacaceae)
Smilax hispida (bristly greenbrier; Smilacaceae)
Smilax rotundifolia (common catbrier; Smilacaceae)
Solanum dulcamara (trailing nightshade; Solanaceae)
Toxicodendron radicans (poison-ivy; Anacardiaceae)
Vitis aestivalis (summer grape; Vitaceae)
Vitis cinerea (sweet grape; Vitaceae)
Vitis labrusca (fox grape; Vitaceae)
Vitis novae-angliae (New England grape; Vitaceae)
Vitis riparia (river bank grape, frost grape; Vitaceae)
Vitis vulpina (frost grape; Vitaceae)
Wisteria floribunda (Japanese wisteria; Fabaceae)
Wisteria frutescens (American wisteria; Fabaceae)
Wisteria sinensis (Chinese wisteria; Fabaceae)