Herbarium Specimens

Examples of Nice Specimens

K.A.Yuditsky 11 - (Oxalis corniculata; specimen is neatly pressed, sufficiently fills the sheet, and provides a complete representation of the plant's habit due to the inclusion of a complete root system, stolons, flowers and fruits)

N.P.Hartley 185 - (Malus baccata; specimen is neatly pressed, with plenty of flowers and good color preservation; upper and lower leaf surface evident. Label with good information. New county record and the only example of the species in the herbarium in flowering condition.)

N.P.Hartley 326 - (Osmorhiza claytonii; specimen is neatly pressed, complete with roots, stem, leaves, and fruits. Shows how to make a specimen that is longer than the herbarium sheet fit.)

S.Woomer 4 - (Typha latifolia; specimen is complete with reproductive and vegetative structures, include the rhizome and roots. Because the parts are bulky, the mounter reinforced their adherance to the mounting paper by sewing bulky parts using a needle and cotton or hemp 10-lb string.)

C.Welsh 6 - (Datura stramomium; despite being a large plant too large to completely fit on the paper, she gets all the important parts, root, stem, leaves, flowers, and fruit. She also presses one flower as-is, but opens up one additional flower to reveal stamens and pistil: this way, the specimen shows the outside of the flower, including its sepals and corolla tube, as well as the inside of the flowers for parts that would otherwise be concealed had she not dissected open the flower. She goes further by reinforcing bulky parts by sewing.)