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Project 02 - Climatic Envelope Modeling (35 pts)

1. See the assignment announcement handed out in class for details.

2. Regarding the computer programs you will be using...
Firstly, from now on, I am making sure of the following:
on all computers, the DIVA-GIS program and supporting data files are here: C:\Program Files\DIVA-GIS\
Administrative boundaries files such as country and state shapefiles are here:
C:\Program Files\DIVA-GIS\data\
Wordclim (current) Climate data files are here:
C:\Program Files\DIVA-GIS\environ

Also, I have moved the MAXENT program from the desktop to
C:\Program Files\DIVA-GIS\maxent\
Thus, MAXENT is now contained within the DIVA-GIS folder. This should make shuffling files and tasks between the two programs easier.

3. Here you can find PA Flora Project occurrence records for your species that you will add to GBIF records: threatened-endangered-woodies.xls

4. Revised Species assignements are below...

Gaylussacia dumosa (Dwarf huckleberry; Ericaceae)
Rhododendron atlanticum (Dwarf azalea; Ericaceae)

Alnus viridis ssp. crispa (Mountain alder; Betulaceae)
Amelanchier bartramiana (Mountain juneberry; Rosaceae)

Lonicera villosa (Water-berry; Caprifoliaceae)
Lyonia mariana (Staggerbush; Ericaceae)

Populus balsamifera (Balsam poplar; Salicaceae)
Ptelea trifoliata (Hoptree; Rutaceae)

Prunus maritima (Beach plum; Rosaceae)
Magnolia tripetala (Umbrella-tree; Magnoliaceae)

Quercus falcata (Southern red oak; Fagaceae)
Quercus phellos (Willow oak; Fagaceae)

Myrica gale (Sweet-gale; Myricaceae)
Rhamnus lanceolata (Lanceolate buckthorn; Rhamnaceae)

Quercus shumardii (Shumard oak; Fagaceae)
Sorbus decora (Showy mountain-ash; Rosaceae)

Ilex opaca (American holly; Aquifoliaceae)
Viburnum nudum (Possum-haw; Caprifoliaceae)

Magnolia virginiana (Sweet-bay magnolia; Magnoliaceae)
Ribes missouriense (Missouri gooseberry; Grossulariaceae)

Shepherdia canadensis (Buffalo-berry; Elaeagnaceae)
Lonicera oblongifolia (Swamp fly honeysuckle; Caprifoliaceae)

Clethra acuminata (Mountain pepperbush; Clethraceae)
Paxistima canbyi (Canby's mountain-lover; Celastraceae)