BIOL 221
Concepts of Botany
(Spring 2020)

Welcome to the course website for Concepts of Botany. Below you will find materials in support of the lecture and lab. These will be posted periodically on an as-need basis.



Lecture, Lab



Lab Support

Marketplace Vegetable Assignment (PDF)

Marketplace Fruit Assignment (TBA)

Lab Manual Appendix 9 (Simple Regression Analysis and R2)

Flower Lab Powerpoint (TBA)

Absorbance Spectra of 4 Major Leaf Pigments

Spreadsheet for Absorbance Spectra of your Unknowns



Lecture Exam 1 Support

Sample Exam Questions from Years Past (key). Exam 1 grades (PDF report)

Topic 01 - Introduction to Botany (outline; PwrPt)
Topic 02 - The Primary Plant Body (outline)
Topic 03 - The Secondary Plant Body (outline)

Special Topic A: The Coconut Palm (outline)

coconut poster

Coconut Palm
Guide to the biology and utility of the coconut palm.
©2017 onwards

Lecture Exam 2 Support

Sample Exam Questions from 2013 (key). Note that Aloe was not a topic among these sample exam questions from 2013.

Key to more Sample Exam Questions from 2014 regarding Plant Modifications. Exam 2 grades (TBA, sorted by last 4 digits of MU number)

Topic 04 - Plant Modifications (outline)
Topic 05 - Water & Nutrition (outline)
Topic 06 - Photosynthesis (outline, PwrPt)
Topic 07 - Hormones & Tropisms (outline)
Topic 08 - Ethnobotany of Secondary Metabolism (outline; PwrPt)

Special Topic B: Aloe (outline)

aloe poster

Guide to the biology and utility of aloe vera.
©2017 onwards




Lecture Exam 3 Support

Sample Exam Questions from Years Past (key, revised). The final exam (exam 3) will cover Topics 09-14 for 50 of the 75 questions. 25 of the 75 questions will be from material in Topics 01-08 including Special topics A and B. Exam 3 grades (TBA, sorted by last 4 digits of MU number)

Topic 09 - Introduction to the Plant Kingdom (outline, no PwrPt available)
Topic 10 - Gymnosperms (outline, PwrPt)
Topic 11 - Angiosperms (outline, no PwrPt available)
Topic 12 - Bryophytes & Pteridophytes (outline, PwrPt)

Special Topic C: Banana (outline)

banana poster

Guide to the biology and utility of bananas.
©2017 onwards




Required lab manual: Guide to Lab Exercises in Concepts of Botany, Spring 2020 Edition by C. Hardy and R. Wagner (editors). Must purchase new editon. Older versions prohibited.

Required text: Selected Chapters for Concepts of Botany (BIOL 221) from Biology: Concepts and Investigations , 4th Edition by M. Hoefnagels; custom looseleaf edition available only from the campus text book room (ISBN13: 9781307185621).

This custom edition includes only chapters with botany content, as follows:
Chapter 3 (Cells)
Chapter 5 (Photosynthesis)
Chapter 18 (Protists)
Chapter 19 (Plants)
Chapter 22 (Plant Form and Function)
Chapter 23 (Plant Nutrition and Transport)
Chapter 24 (Reproduction and Development of Flowering Plants)
Chapter 38 (Communities & Ecosystems)
Chapter 39 (Biomes)

Alternative forms for this content would be:

  • The entire bound-book, hardcover (ISBN13: 9780078024207)
  • The entire ebook (ISBN13: 9781259869587, 6-month access).

Optional: A Photographic Atlas for the Botany Laboratory, 7th edition by Rushforth et al.