Botanical Illustration

Illustrations are required by most scientific journals when new plant or animal species are described for the first time. This is because drawings are superior to photographs for illustrating diagnostic characters. Please contact me if you have an interest in scientific illustration.

Left: A composite illustrating my recently described genus, Plowmanianthus, from the Neotropics. The genus name commemorates the late Timothy Charles Plowman (1944–1989), former botanist at the Field Museum of Natural History, whose collections had greatly contributed to an understanding of this genus.

Illustrations on journal covers:

Illustrations of plants in the spiderwort & dayflower family:

Illustrations of plants in the restio family:

Illustrations by my students:


Selected Publications Featuring Illustrations:

Hardy CR, HP Linder (2005) Intraspecific variability and timing in ancestral ecology reconstruction: A test case from the Cape flora. Systematic Biology 54 (2): 299-316.

Hardy CR, RB Faden (2004) Plowmanianthus, a new genus of Commelinaceae with five new species from tropical America. Systematic Botany 29 (2): 316-333.

Hardy CR, JI Davis, DW Stevenson (2004) Floral organogenesis in Plowmanianthus (Commelinaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 165 (4): 511-519.