Christopher R. Hardy, Ph.D.

Curator of the Herbarium (visit herbarium site)
& Professor of Biology

Courses Taught:

BIOL 100 — General Biology
BIOL 101 — Foundations of Biology (Fall 2019)
BIOL 108H — Honors Freshman Biology Seminar (Spring 2013)
BIOL 221 — Concepts of Botany (Spring 2020)
BIOL 222H — Honors Problem Solving in Botany (Spring 2017)
BIOL 325 & 625— Plant Systematics (Fall 2019)
BIOL 471 — Computational Methods in Systematics (Spring 2009)
BIOL 472.02 — Case Studies in Human Ecology Seminar (Spring 2019)
BIOL 472.04 — Forensic Botany Case Reports Seminar (Spring 2020)
BIOL 472.05 — Ethnobotany-Economic Botany Seminar (Spring 2018)
BIOL 472 — Service Learning In Environmental Science Education: The Hand's Woods Project (Fall 2007)

Other Duties & Appointments:

Research Associate (2005-present), Smithsonian Institution
Adjunct Curator (2015-present), North Museum of Nature & Science
Chair, Vascular Plant Technical Committee (2012-2016), PA Biological Survey
Member (2007-present), MU Center for Environmental Sciences

11 Selected Publications (*student author):

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Hardy CR, NW Hardy. 2018. Adapting traditional field activities in natural history education to an emerging paradigm in biodiversity informatics. American Biology Teacher 80: 501-519.

Faden RB, CR Hardy. 2017. Commelinaceae, the dayflower and spiderwort family. In New Manual to the Vascular Plants of the Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada. New York Botanical Garden Press, New York. []

Hardy NW, CR Hardy. 2016. exposing undergraduate computer science students to opportunities and applications in biodiversity informatics. 2016 World Congress on Engineering 1: 209-211 (ISBN: 978-988-19253-0-5).

O'Meara BC, SD Smith, WS Armbruster, LD Harder, CR Hardy, LC Hileman, L Hufford, A Litt, S Magallón, SA Smith, PF Stevens, CB Fenster, PK Diggle. 2016. Non-equilibrium dynamics and floral trait interactions shape extant angiosperm diversity. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283: 20152304 (DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2015.2304).

Hardy CR, CD Steinhart. 2013. Forensic botany in the resolution of an agricultural vandalism case. Journal of Forensic Identification 63: 144-154.

Hardy CR, J Ryndock*[MU '09]. 2012. Floral morphology and organogenesis in Tinantia pringlei, along with a review of floral developmental variation in the spiderwort family, Commelinaceae. Botanical Review 78 (4): 416-427.

Linder HP, CR Hardy. 2010. A generic classification of the Restioneae (Restionaceae), southern Africa. Bothalia 40: 1-35.

Hardy CR, LL Sloat*[MU '06], RB Faden. 2009. Floral organogenesis and the developmental basis for pollinator deception in the Asiatic dayflower Commelina communis (Commelinaceae). American Journal of Botany 96: 1236-1244.

Hardy CR, P Moline, HP Linder. 2008. A Phylogeny for the African Restionaceae, and New Perspectives on Morphology's Role in Generating Complete Species Phylogenies for Large Clades. International Journal of Plant Sciences 169: 377-390.
(click here for supporting electronic appendices, matrices, and cladograms)

Hardy CR. 2006. Reconstructing ancestral ecologies: Challenges and possible solutions. Diversity & Distributions 12: 7-19.

Hardy CR, RB Faden. 2004. Plowmanianthus, a new genus of Commelinaceae with five new species from tropical America. Systematic Botany 29 (2): 316-333.

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