Systematics & Phylogenetics

Systematics is an umbrella science that spans the disciplines of taxonomy, morphology, biogeography, evolution and phylogenetics among others. As such, it is essentially the study of biodiversity.

My own research centers on the use of DNA sequences and morphological traits to reconstruct the macro-evolutionary history (phylogeny) of select plant groups, especially in or among groups such as the spiderworts, grasses, palms, and their relatives. These phylogenies are then used to (1) fix taxonomic and nomenclatural problems, (2) infer the macro-evolutionary history of morphological and ecological traits, (3) determine rates of speciation, and (4) identify the causal agents or correlates of speciation.

Fieldwork is an important component of my research. My recent studies in the Commelinaceae (spiderwort family) and Restionaceae (African Reeds, Australian Rushes) have required field collections in Central and South America, as well as southern Africa.

Left: Phylogeny of Geogenanthus mapped onto geographical space (phylogeny from Hardy 2001). This phylogeny is the basis for the description of two new species in the genus (Hardy & Faden, in prep.).

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Selected Publications on This Topic:


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