BIOL 471
Computational Methods in Systematics

General Information

This class is for either biology majors or computer science majors. Biology majors should have excellent familiarity with the use of PC computers for Microsoft Excel, the use of text editors for manipulating text files, and Web navigation. Computer Science majors should have a strong interest in the application of computer science to biodiversity research and conservation, evolution, or bioinformatics.

Meeting 3 hrs per week, 1/3 is used for lecture, 2/3 for lab exercises on the computer. Exams and quizzes are often performed by executing tasks on the computer.

Although taught by Dr. Hardy, this course is not a plant course. The methods and theory taught are broadly applicable.

Prerequisites are Concepts of Botany (BIOL 221) and Concepts of Zoology (BIOL 211), or permission of Dr. Hardy (the latter particularly for computer science majors who may not have taken both of those biology courses).


Spring 2009 Syllabus

Exercises and Projects Information

Module 01: Biodiversity Informatics

Exercise 01 - Sources of Biodiversity Data and Simple Biodiversity Mashups (10 pts; due Jan 26 at begining of lab)

Exercise 02 Preparation for Interactive Key Construction (no points)

demo-sliks-key to selected hardwood trees
demo-data-set to conifer genera
Exercise to Conifer Key construction

Project 01 SLIKS Key Construction for PA Trees (25 pts; due Mar 9 at beginning of class)

Module 02: Biogeographic Mapping, Analysis, and Modeling

Literature & Learning Goals for this Module

DIVA-GIS Tutorial (in class 16 Feb, no points):
procedure pdf, Bolivian tutorial data in zip folder,
DIVA-GIS Users Manual

DIVA-GIS Assignment (10 pts; due Wed 25 Feb by 5 pm):
procedure pdf, Wild potato data in zip folder

GEOLOCATE of Herbarium Specimens Assignment (10 pts; due Mon Mar 9 at beginning of class)
procedure pdf, GEOLOCATE Users Manual

BIOCLIM Modeling Exercise (no pts; performed 9 Mar 2009):
procedure pdf

MAXENT Tutorial (no pts; performed 9 Mar 2009):
procedure pdf

Project 02 - Climatic Envelope Modeling (35 pts; due Fri Apr 3 by 5 pm)

Module 03: Phylogenetic Inference

Learn theory and practice of reconstructing the evolutionary history of species.
Learn how to construct cladograms manually and with computer programs.
Learn how to reconstruct ancestral states.
Learn how to find DNA sequence data on the Web and to analyze the data to infer phylogenetic relationships.

Module 04: Species Delimitiation, Diagnostics, and Conservation Forensics

Learn algorithms for delimiting species.
Learn how to use DNA sequence data to identify unknown organisms to species.

Past Semesters

Visit Spring 2007 Course Website or Manual

Herbarium Web Productions

invasives web lancaster web md web

A Website containing information and photos of some non-native plants in and around Pennsylvanian woodlands.

An interactive checklist of Lancaster County plants with links to illustrations. Searchable by habit plus federal and state conservation, wetland, and nativity designations.

An authoritative informatics website providing just about everything one could ever want to know about the 31 species of woody vines in Pennsylvania.

f woody plants pa manuel's plants

An interactive checklist of MD plants with links to illustrations. Searchable by habit plus federal and state conservation, wetland, and nativity designations.

An interactive checklist of woody PA plants with links to illustrations. Searchable by habit, conservation status, and taxonomic class.

For Manuel.

Herbarium Poster Productions

invasives poster invasives poster

A 22x28" poster-version of an illustrated glossary of botanical terminology.

A 22x28" poster-version of a photographic guide to plants invasive to Mid-Atlantic woodlands

A 24x36" poster-version of a photographic guide to lawn weeds

Herbarium Research Articles


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(Please contact Keeper for pdf of article; click here for supporting electronic appendices, matrices, and cladograms)


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